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"To Tell the Truth" on the Web is a cooperative project in that we're dependent on -- and very grateful for -- informational help from various sources, including series documentation or personal remembrances. The overall goal is to help former contestants locate their program appearances. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of shows about which very little is known, primarily the daytime shows from the 1960s.

Toward that end, if you were associated with the show in any way, if you are a researcher or collector who would be willing to share your information, if you are a contestant who has held onto supporting documents or can relate details about your experience, please contact Marshall Akers. In particular, what I call the Proof of Performance sheet -- the document that was mailed between the production date and airdate to contestants who appeared on the 1969-78 and 1980-81 series -- is always invaluable due to the sheer volume of infomation provided on a single page. The PoP sheet is formatted something like this:

SHOWS TAPED on January 24, 1978
#3391 O'Connor & De Portago to air Monday
#3392 Chapman & Howle to air Tuesday
#3393 Ruch & Weaver to air Wednesday
#3394 Mills & Clark to air on Thursday
#3395 McNally & Schwed to air on Friday

Original Broadcast dates of these shows starting with the Monday of the week:

Feb. 13, 1978 WTVE --- Nashville
Feb. 27, 1978 WPRI --- Providence
Feb. 27, 1978 WXIA --- Atlanta...

This proof of performance page can be incomparably helpful in locating other former contestants' episodes. Many thanks in advance to anyone willing to send this information.

Please don't discount your remembrances. Even the smallest detail might turn out to be be a tremendous help for other contestants searching for their episodes. And since facts are currently available on less than half the approximately 5,000 shows that have been produced since 1956, any information is valuable.

So please -- share your story!

Alternatively, if you have been helped somehow by this TTTT project and would like to contribute monetarily, please consider giving to one of the following archives that have been terrifically helpful with our research:

The UCLA Film and Television Archive
The Paley Center for Media
The Museum of Broadcast Communications

Please contact Marshall Akers with any information you're willing to share.
Thanks so much.

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