On the Lookout
"To Tell The Truth", 1956-2001

If you find yourself searching for an episode in which you, your family member or friend took part, please email Marshall Akers. I'm always glad to
look through the catalog of episodes to try to help. For those contestants who appeared on the 1956-67 primetime series, the 1990-91 series or 2000-02
series, there's a list of central characters here, here and here. Unfortunately, there's no episode guide here for the other versions (not yet, anyway).
Please do try to keep these guidelines in mind as you start your search:

· The most helpful information is always the show number. If you know your program number, it's easy to determine whether your episode may still exist.

· If you don't know the show number for which you're looking, another important detail could be the episode's taping date or airdate.

· Without any of this info, there's still a chance to find your episode. If you can provide any show details -- host, panelists, production year, central character's name -- I'll be happy to investigate. Again, searches have fewest results when conducted in this manner; still, there's the occasional find.

I've always believed it's a privilege to be able to give back to the community of folks who helped make the show so much fun in the first place,
so please don't be shy about asking for help. And as always, best wishes
with your search!

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